Welcome to my RSS Dashboard !

In front of such a cleared view of what remains to be done, I am delighted to inaugurate this new professional dashboard, which, like the "Netfolio 2013" equivalent thereto to cover the personal dimensions, will enable you to follow through the implementation of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained program in all its systemic complexity.
This year's premium design suggests a graphic approach more suited to my new auditing perimeter, which will be dedicated to the server environment as announced. Accordingly, each website of this Profolio 2014 has its own visual identity: the present Dashfolio's header style for instance is simply supposed to represent an invitation to consider a meaningful mixing of colors, after last year's black on white (and vice versa) project launch.
This year’s agenda is conceptually articulated so as to provide for the modular development of the various thematic perimeters that I introduced in 2013 throughout the publication of my personal web author's Netfolio. Along with that rationale:
The Intrafolio domain (.info) is dedicated to the pre-registration problem from inside the user environment, whereby the objective at this early stage is to enable potential affiliates to prepare their profile introduction to the members of the franchising network in a positively converging way, out of any type of "red ocean".
The Exterfolio domain (.net) addresses the issues of matrix project management in a server/network environment, where the objective is to pilot problem solving processes from start (input state) to finish (output state).
The Extrafolio domain (.org) is all about the expected aggregate effects of matrix-based program (Webfolio) management in a franchising system where all parties to the conceptual core evolve under permanent auditing towards a common goal, which is to create virtuous capitalization dynamics so as to enable every member to sustain a living from his·her moral and financial property rights over a professionally framed multi-thematic perimeter.
Considering further that the navigation experience provided through this NetPlusUltra®-sustained Webfolio follows a metalogical "spaceport" approach, each webpage is enriched with its own sidebar of conceptual connections, so as to help the visitor to better assess all dimensions under (re)consideration along the underlying "retro-prospectivation" rationale.
Please follow the navigation cues for a guided tour through the present Dashboard: