Your Mission, Should You Accept It

The purpose of the following checklist to the present Profolio Dashboard (or Dashfolio) is to complete the dispositions introduced in 2013 throughout the development of my personal Blogfolio. It therefore implies foreknowledge of related contents, so as to enable prospective members to organize their individual eligibility with complete independence.
  • Webfolio. Regardless of whether your intention is to pre-register for personal or professional reasons, it is important that you understand why the Netfolio is the first step for everyone. The Net 2.0/3.0 experience clearly proved indeed that "personal life project perimeters" which are not framed with professional rigor do not stand a chance to make it.
  • Dashboard. Whether you choose to start with a mini- (1 site), medium- (2 sites) or maxi-sized (more than 2 sites) Webfolio (Netfolio + Profolio), the dashboard pertaining to the year in progress must stand out as an RSS-enabled project communications support tool, either in the form of a dedicated section (within one single website), or as an entire website (medium and maxi options).
  • Transparency. Each single website, or web module, of your Webfolio must display the following pages: "Homepage" (purpose), "End Credits" (Conception details), "Contact" (filtering rationale), and "Sitemap" (meta-rationale), so as to clearly show that you are not interfaced with (embezzled in, holed by) the social networks…No investor puts money into a leaking bucket!
  • Asynchronous real-time management. Considering that NetPlusUltra® is a legal intellectual property alternative to the social networks, and as such, conceived as a genuine exit strategy out of the red ocean, take care to configure at least one multi-OS instant messaging user account, such as Wire (for PC and Mac) in addition to FaceTime (for Mac only).
  • One for all and all for one. Regardless of which domain name configuration you will choose to implement as part of your web hosting strategy, each website of your Webfolio must have thematic added value upon all others (a purpose of its own), so as to provide a standalone access to all other parts of your conceptual multiverse (permutability).
  • Building confidence in the digital knowledge economy. Taking into account that the purpose of a NetPlusUltra® cont(r)act form is not to put the user on yet another occult record, but to produce a conceptually transparent membership directory reserved for goodwilled prospective franchisees considering pre-affiliation, each entry requested in such a registration form must reappear as a category or a tag in the members directory section it serves to assemble through the applicative data logging features of a weblog page (or weblogging platform).
Please follow the redirection to the introductory Non-Disclosure Agreement of the next page, which applies to all websites of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained Webfolio: