Jargon for prospective franchisees

Conceptual Terminology

This brief introductory lexicon provides an overview of the many possible virtual variations of the word "portfolio", so as to enable everyone to find, for each of these conceptual NetPlusUltra® indexation categories, the right keywords to be associated to an author's main domain name, in the form of subject matter-related subdomains.Continue reading



Refers to the NetPlusUltra® Webfolio of a duly pre-registered author, designed in a native (vs. hybrid) Windows environment.Continue reading



Refers to the conceptual specifications module·s of a duly pre-registered author, which have been or are being developed with Wiki Server inside a native Intranet+Ultra® environment, and are therefore reserved for Mac 1 users exclusively.Continue reading



Refers to the matrix program of web projects of a duly pre-registered author, and is made up of a Netfolio and a Profolio.Continue reading



As an integral part of the Webfolio matrix of a duly pre-registered author, refers to the website through which the author and project initiator presents his·her dedicated solution throughout the development of his·her Netfolio, with a view to testing and implementing his·her project into the professional Profolio stage thereto.Continue reading