The NetPlusUltra®-enabled user experience

Step 4/7

The time has come to replace the forum issue at the heart of the purpose of the NetPlusUltra® web franchise, which I recently presented on the dedicated module thereto, and to refocus on the very conception of what kind of a network experience the idea of becoming a NetPlusUltranaut® will translate into.

Considering that my NetPlusUltra® Webfolio is conceived as a demo-like showcase by the author herself, let us begin with the intellectual property issue from the "All rights reserved" perspective. This indeed is what makes the Webfolio the sum of an author's rights upon his·her work, which encompasses both the Netfolio covering a person’s moral right to see the authorship evidence recognized, and the Profolio safeguarding that same person’s property right to sustain a living from his·her production. Which is why and how a Webfolio showcase comes as a 4x2 matrix pertaining to an author's personal and professional life project.

Please refer to figure n° 5.0 of the Slidefolio page.

The point zero of this inventory is that of your personal draft, which is expected to unfold into the professional dashboard to your current accounting year. Many of you seek to rise and shine in the social networks, or to simply share whatever matters to a blogger…so many that it is the very system default inherent in a certain "2.0 way" of interconnecting flaws, for that matter, which ends up intoxicating the entire house of cards. It is time for a review of your web experience so far, with a view to a brand new start.

For the record:
Time 1 of this review is dedicated to your introspection, which - provided that your goal has some embryo of a NetPlusUltra® potential - is supposed to result in a NetPlusUltra® Infolio. Starting from the CV as a forged front-end of what the system forbids you to be (better than itself), I can only encourage you to take on the role of the one who just won't take it, and to build instead your own matrix-based SWOT inventory of all your dormant powers. Upon successful self-inception of this first mission, you will progressively gain all the self-awareness necessary to lift yourself above that system default which deprives the people of their privacy to enslave them live like supermarket shelf products.

For the record:
Time 2 of this review focuses on your projective power, which, at the individual level, will allow you to reconsider your personal history against the background of the big picture, so as to let this introduction to historical retro-prospectivation unveil the self-sustaining potential that defines the generation to which you belong. After having successfully reentered the Net-atmosphere, you will be enabled to reprogram your network experience all by yourself, i.e. to conceptually recover your systemic sanity, in terms of self-regulation and self-healing, so as to capitalize on what makes authors’ rights inalienable. This should be enough to convince you that when intellectual property is properly understood and applied, it produces self-protecting evidence.

For the record:
Time 3 of this review is when everything falls back into place, either as a proof of default, or as a proof of concept. This is where your unleashed potential will finally make you feel the pleasure of piloting your own web program as a NetPlusUltra® affiliate. If you have scrupulously respected the hyper-specifics of the formula (the NetPlusUltra® codex), you are the proud owner of a knowledge base which is no less than the business goodwill that confirms you as a franchised (i.e. self-labelled) independent knowledge professional.

For the record:
This is to remind every prospective user that the forum directory in development will be entirely dedicated to the conceptual integrity of the underlying NetPlusUltra® web franchising systemics. I will meet you at step 5/7 for the first part of the terms of access thereto.

Daniela BERNDT
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