Closing entry 1/2

Another advantage with such an all-in-one dashboard matrix is that it literally debriefs itself! I will therefore close this weblog with a brief review of the highlights of 2014:Continue reading

Status update

The time is right to take a closer look at the debriefing in progress, considering that the ongoing audit of the user equipment ("dot-info" stage: 2013), as part of the network environment ("dot-net" stage: 2014), since the first two years of incubation phase 2/3, is set to bring about the conceptual consolidation of the specifications pertaining to my NetPlusUltra® franchising system ("dot-org" stage: 2015).

The purpose is to lay the groundwork for the integration of all parts of the whole into a "Daniela BERNDT Web Foundation ", which starts with selecting the most suited domain name.Continue reading

Status update

This short post is to confirm that (almost) everything is progressing according to plan:Continue reading

Status update

As you know, the translation of the external modules of my forum directory goes together with the testing of the internal user environment, which includes a preliminary review of all integratable payment solutions compatible with such a master-franchising configuration. Hence, the recent selection of an adequate CMS module has somewhat modified my agenda since the last project status update, by postponing the date of availability of my forum directory to January 2015.Continue reading

Publication of the FR version of my directory

As I don't want to keep you waiting too long between two posts, I have decided to publish my alpha-thematic directory in three steps, starting with the French version.Continue reading

This is it!

Step 7/7

Let me close this RSS-enabled special summer edition with a concept debriefing, in order to refocus on the ExtraNetPlusUltra® solution which came out of this brief problem-solving audit. This new external web module will be visible by everyone, as a self-declarative directory of the work in progress inside the network, which will be accessible to registered members only.Continue reading

Principle of conceptual integrity

Step 6/7

If you entered my Megastore through the Testfolio gate at Netfolio level, which leads to my Profolio's professional dashboard through all necessary introductory recommendations, chances are that you are now (peacefully) empowered with a Minifolio of your own, self-made of an Infolio, a Lifefolio, and the embryo of a Blogfolio, which is no less than your personal RSS dashboard. To fulfill the pre-affiliation requirements, the Infolio CV matrix will do, since it provides me, as the master-franchisor, with a necessary and sufficient double guarantee that motivation and raw material are available!Continue reading