Closing entry 2/2

Don't forget that the present Dashfolio will be moved over to its subdomain location on 2014-12-31, whereas version 2015 thereof will remain hosted under the present main domain name.Continue reading

Closing entry 1/2

Another advantage with such an all-in-one dashboard matrix is that it literally debriefs itself! I will therefore close this weblog with a brief review of the highlights of 2014:Continue reading

Main domain replacement

The main domain replacement from ".fr" to ".foundation", which I announced in my status update of 2014-11-30, will take place this coming Wednesday 2014-12-17, and interrupt access to my websites for a few hours. Everything should be back to normal on Thursday 2014-12-18.Continue reading

Status update

The time is right to take a closer look at the debriefing in progress, considering that the ongoing audit of the user equipment ("dot-info" stage: 2013), as part of the network environment ("dot-net" stage: 2014), since the first two years of incubation phase 2/3, is set to bring about the conceptual consolidation of the specifications pertaining to my NetPlusUltra® franchising system ("dot-org" stage: 2015).

The purpose is to lay the groundwork for the integration of all parts of the whole into a "Daniela BERNDT Web Foundation ", which starts with selecting the most suited domain name.Continue reading

Status update

This short post is to confirm that (almost) everything is progressing according to plan:Continue reading

Status update

As you know, the translation of the external modules of my forum directory goes together with the testing of the internal user environment, which includes a preliminary review of all integratable payment solutions compatible with such a master-franchising configuration. Hence, the recent selection of an adequate CMS module has somewhat modified my agenda since the last project status update, by postponing the date of availability of my forum directory to January 2015.Continue reading

Update of my contact information

Within the context of the permanent auditing of my conceptual transition from the individual dimension (franchisee role) to the network dimension (franchisor role):Continue reading

Update of my contact pages

As part of the permanent consolidation of my Webfolio, I updated my contact pages as follows:Continue reading

Status update

My recent announcements have brought along following updates:Continue reading

Update of my Terms of Use

As part of the update of the contents I produced during instruction phase 1/3, I reviewed my confidentiality agreement this week, which - as a pre-contract form - comes right after the pre-affiliation stage, precedes registration to the directory of prospects, and provides access to my Intranet+Ultra®-sustained production environment, entirely dedicated to my web-enabled master-franchising solution for web authors.Continue reading

Status update

No EVM chart this week, just a few lines about the latest developments:Continue reading

Publication of my feedback form

This third and last contact form (1) is conceived so as to solve the feedback problem, insofar as it enables internet users interested in the program, but still hesitant, to join the private discussion space I have just configured on iCloud (2). Indeed, after all the buzz, I'd like to remind everyone that program NetPlusUltra® is not supposed to be discussed over social network platforms!Continue reading

Wikifolio: project status update

Just a slight EVM progress to report this week, due to the necessity to restore, under Mac OS X, the media libraries compiled under Windows XP throughout instruction phase 1/3, as part of the construction of my knowledge base.Continue reading

Wikifolio: project status update

Considering that an update is supposed to ship with its batch of improvements, not only in terms of legibility, I suggest the following chart as a bi-monthly snapshot:Continue reading

NetPlusUltra®-enabled Wikifolio: project status update

Profolio: Dashfolio
I'm dropping a concise note to confirm that things are (r)evolving as expected with server management: with the Wikifolio pre-audit dashboards in place, I can now focused on the configuration of my Intranet+Ultra®-sustained environment (1).Continue reading

Update of my professional contact form

Within the context of the closure of last year’s pre-audit project, please be informed that I am (temporarily) excluding the PC universe from my web service in the making, and - as a matter of consequence - from my professional contact form, which is as of now exclusively reserved for the pre-affiliation of European Mac users.Continue reading

Update of my Webfolio

For the sake of clarity and overall consistency, the navigation and indexation metadata pertaining to the five published websites of my Webfolio have undergone today a major update in terms of conceptual meta-signaletics, meaning: a terminological revision consistent with my NetPlusUltra®-sustained Lexifolio.Continue reading

Welcome to the RSS dashboard to my Profolio 2014

I hope that everyone transited into 2014 under the best possible conditions and would like to inaugurate this RSS feed with a brief draft schedule of my upcoming publications:Continue reading