Update of my contact information

Within the context of the permanent auditing of my conceptual transition from the individual dimension (franchisee role) to the network dimension (franchisor role):Continue reading

Update of my contact pages

As part of the permanent consolidation of my Webfolio, I updated my contact pages as follows:Continue reading

Status update

Let's have a look at the state of things as regards the NetPlusUltra®-sustained program systemics:Continue reading

Status update

No EVM chart this week, just a few lines about the latest developments:Continue reading

Publication of my feedback form

This third and last contact form (1) is conceived so as to solve the feedback problem, insofar as it enables internet users interested in the program, but still hesitant, to join the private discussion space I have just configured on iCloud (2). Indeed, after all the buzz, I'd like to remind everyone that program NetPlusUltra® is not supposed to be discussed over social network platforms!Continue reading