Publication of my feedback form

This third and last contact form (1) is conceived so as to solve the feedback problem, insofar as it enables internet users interested in the program, but still hesitant, to join the private discussion space I have just configured on iCloud (2). Indeed, after all the buzz, I'd like to remind everyone that program NetPlusUltra® is not supposed to be discussed over social network platforms!Continue reading

Update of my personal contact form

In view of the evolution of my "Recommended NPU® configuration for Mac OS X users", which is now exclusively dedicated to Apple systems, and considering the resulting inactivity of my Skype accounts, the possibility to reach me by video conference is now limited to FaceTime.Continue reading

Wikifolio: project status update

Just a slight EVM progress to report this week, due to the necessity to restore, under Mac OS X, the media libraries compiled under Windows XP throughout instruction phase 1/3, as part of the construction of my knowledge base.Continue reading

Wikifolio: project status update

Considering that an update is supposed to ship with its batch of improvements, not only in terms of legibility, I suggest the following chart as a bi-monthly snapshot:Continue reading