Implementation of my solution

Step 5/7

Let us now move on to the production of such an user experience, starting with a review of the successive contact points that you will find across my Webfolio Master-Cube.

Knock-knock, is anyone here?
Figure yourself stepping into a Megastore (let us call it Metro), with no soul inside. Wouldn't that feel awkward? The [now removed] "Live Feedback" window, which pops up from the bottom right corner of all my webpages, serves as the first user contact point: you enter my virtual shop, and although I do not know you yet, I can already guide you through my multiverse. Indeed, even if you are not necessarily identified, "FirehoseChat" provides me with enough information about your configuration to enable my conceptual filtration features (which are set to "serious inquiries only") to operate. Either I am available, and we can start a Live Feedback discussion, or I am not, and FirehoseChat switches to Mail Feedback without compromising my own email address.

Lifefolio: have we met?
As I am the product of a generation that the people under age 20 (who have no chance to lose sight of each other) know nothing about, I have set up a personal contact form for past relationships with whom I am no longer in touch, or for those who might want to update their address book time and again. Since it is not possible to check on ID using FirehoseChat, which is not a web conferencing solution, I have added this possibility to my feedback form, using the customization features thereof.

Dashfolio: no comment
This option is reserved for those who cannot resort to the other three, and who have not found the answer to their question throughout my Webfolio either. If this is the case, it falls under my right to answer (or not), depending on how pertinent the feedback is, in a way that does not expose my solution to such users who might find an interest in trying to fake the latter. Hence, this contact form is conceived so as to enable me to process added value feedback privately, with a further possibility to publish the resulting Q&A on my Weblog by adding a simple FAQ tag. immediate boarding
This third contact form is reserved for those who are ready to take an active part in the implementation of my NetPlusUltra® solution, as the pre-franchised authors of a starter's demonstration perimeter of their own. As a master-franchisor, doing so not only allows me to organize the access to the various spaces of my IntraNetPlusUltra® depending on any such user's configuration profile, but also to bring about whatever generic solution is missing that should already be available to help me make my Web Foundation project an operational reality. This last issue will be further developed at, due for publication by the end of this year.

You will find below a final scenario to integrate all this into a conceptually consistent user experience:

1) Live Feedback stage: instant messaging (FirehoseChat)
  • Visitor: "Hi there, it's [Someone], we met in 19?? in XYZ, remember? I stumbled into your website as I was doing some web search on [whatever search engine]!";
  • Daniela BERNDT: "Oh really? Why don't you use this personal feedback form, so that we can see each other! Otherwise, I'd have to ask you trick questions!".
2) Lifefolio stage: personal feedback (ooVoo or FaceTime)
  • Identified acquaintance: "You have changed a lot! What have you done all this time?";
  • Daniela BERNDT: "All this [Webfolio]! Take a look around, and recontact me through my professional feedback form if you're interested.".
3) Dashfolio stage: professional feedback (ooVoo or FaceTime)
  • FAQ forum subscriber: "What a trailblazer! I like the idea of getting it right from start…So yes, you can count me in: what do you think of this first Infolio draft: [share link to iCloud for instance]";
  • Daniela BERNDT: "That’s a very good start! Now simply publish your website to this and join me through my pre-registration form!".
4) stage (ooVoo or FaceTime)
  • Registered prospective member: "I'm in the process of moving over to another ISP, but I think I'll join right now!";
  • Daniela BERNDT: "No problem, you can update your profile anytime!".
To be continued: episode 6/7! In the meantime, please visit my latest web tutorial, dedicated to shared SSL (Checkfolio module).

Daniela BERNDT
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